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A global network of experts and specialists to create sustainable solutions
Target Consultants is a global advisory firm that collaborates with the public, private and social sectors. From the creation of the strategic intent to the development of clear and achievable goals with a focus on the creation of digital and sustainable eco-systems.
Working with a global network of experts and industry leaders, Target Consultants creates environments designed to produce the sustainable, transformational change demanded by an increasingly competitive and ever-changing world. Our four areas of expertise are Commercialisation, Digital Transformation, Sustainability, and Innovation.

Co-creating value through sustainable solutions

Businesses are at a defining moment to act on sustainability. Those that act decisively have the opportunity to create resilience and sustainable competitive advantage for their business models for the long term.

We develop creative, comprehensive, and sustainable business solutions for a future where society can thrive. Equipped with an intimate understanding of local intricacies, world-class talent, and proactive leadership, we plan, design, manage and engineer long-lasting and impactful solutions to uniquely complex problems.


Full Life-cycle services from inception to execution

We work with executive teams to understand long-term trends and respond to them. We design detailed strategies to respond to the opportunities and challenges of a fast-changing business environment. We help our clients deliver these on the ground, using our practical engineering teams and world-class staff in many countries across the world.

Our expertise providing integrated and sustainable business solutions across multiple sectors is what informs our high-level Sustainable Advisory services offerings, which include:

Strategy & Consultancy

We work with companies in virtually every industry. Developing strategies with a fresh perspective and navigating new ways to drive sustainable growth faster than the competition.

Reporting & Analytics

We understand the difference and provide companies with thought-provoking insights with tangible understandings for deep and decisive decision-making processes that drives businesses forward.

Project Management

Our global team of experienced project managers successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility and complex initiatives. Unlocking business benefits and delivering timely, cost-effective, and quality outcomes for long-term sustainable business goals.

Cultural Programs

With a strong focus and clear organisational structure, we help bridge international relationships to foster strong, cooperative and empowering networks that are cross-disciplined and encourage spill-over effects on a global platform.

Networks & Partnerships

Through innovation, resources, and expertise, we facilitate and enhance a corporation’s ability to grow by collaborating and networking with different actors across like-minded industries. Bringing to the table industries with untapped parallels.


Building your business model connectivity, that encompasses everything from creating awareness, reaching new customers, building out products and services, refining operational flow, educating intended audiences, to hiring the right talent.

Academic Collaboration

We carefully manage academia and industrial collaboration for fruitful benefits in both sectors. We help frame a problem in the context of the application and establish a two-way flow of ideas – academia based research that flows out to industry innovation, and in-bound industrial data and insights that fuel research questions.

Marketing & Communications

We have the expertise to build integrated solutions that connect your brand, consumers, influencers, and culture all in-line with a pinpointed marketing strategy that hits your business’ needs.


Value creation for a broad range of industries

To develop more sustainable societies, industries need to better understand how to respond to environmental, economic, and social challenges and transform industrial behaviour. Target Consultants works to develop knowledge and tools that accelerate the transition towards a sustainable industrial system.

From cutting energy and water use, to understanding future megatrends, our teams work with clients to reduce their impact on the environment and also to understand how future trends will impact their businesses. Our global partners and specialists have worked with a broad variety of industries, such as:










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Target Consultants | Target Consultants is a global advisory firm that collaborates with the public, private and social sectors. From the creation of the strategic intent to the development of clear and achievable goals with a focus on the creation of digital and sustainable eco-systems.